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At Liberty Home Builders we take pride in building our houses, just as much as you take pride in raising your family in the most beautiful home you can provide. We also believe that the people of Houston, Texas are hard-working and deserve the best value and quality possible when purchasing a home. That's why we not only build new homes, but we also plan and develop unique neighborhoods with their own personality and aesthetic. We do this because everyone should have someplace special. You see, at Liberty Home Builders, we're not just building houses. We're helping to build lives.
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Address: 2821 Jordens Road, Suite 500 Houston, Texas 77084
Our bottom line is your happiness.

What qualities do you want in the people that help build your house? Experience? Honesty? Understanding? The Liberty team has been building houses in the Houston area for over 30 years, with over 100 years of combined experience. They stand by the work they do at every stage of the process because they know that a home is an investment both financially and in your family's future. It's this knowledge that drives their commitment to quality from contract to completion.