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Our philosophy is simple; "We are local people building homes for our neighbors. Our models are truly representative of what we actually build."
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Stefani Tobin Hewitt
Sales, Marketing, & You Name It!
210-957-3395 ext 10
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Chesmar Homes is a small but strong Home Building company that is dedicated to being the builder of choice for our customers, contractors, and Chesmarians, offering the best new home value with quality workmanship. Chesmar does this with pride, integrity, warm smiles, a friendly attitude and an ENTHUSIASTIC SPIRIT!

The purpose of Chesmar Homes is to provide high quality homes to our homebuyers in great neighborhoods. We understand that your home is the single most important and significant investment you'll ever make. It's the place where your memories will be made. The home you purchase will be the one you love, one that fits your lifestyle, one that is uniquely you.

At Chesmar, we build homes because we love to build homes. It's in our blood. It's our passion. It's our profession of choice. Creating neighborhoods and homes of distinction is what the people at Chesmar are all about.

Giving Back

Chesmar Homes is proud to be a yearly participant in the MS-150 bike ride in support of National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Chesmar Homes has raised over twenty thousand dollars for research and other programs in support of people living with Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, Chesmar shows their support by bike riding 150 miles over the course of two days; a challenging, but rewarding experience for all participants!

Chesmar Homes actively participates as the builder for the Helping a Hero Foundation, a foundation who gives homes to deserving wounded warriors. Chesmar Homes is currently working on two homes for two very deserving heroes.

Chesmar Homes recently stepped up to help St. PJ's take care of remodeling in their residential facilities. Due to an increase in placements, two dorms needed to be equipped to accommodate both male and female residents. The Chesmar team quickly came up with a plan to add walls and exit doors that would perfectly accommodate the already existing structure. In a very short period of time, everything was in place to move the children into their new home.